A company's public image is very important. Awards prove that the right internal decisions have been taken – and denote approval by external experts.


dena Award 'Biogas product of the year 2011'

For the second time in a row, VERBIO has received an award from the dena Germany Energy Agency for its innovative biofuel verbiogas. With the spotlight last year on VERBIO's bio-refinery as a cutting-edge production facility, on 1 December verbiogas was declared 'Biogas product of the year 2011'. This award provides additional proof that this biofuel made out of farming waste really does make an economical and ecological alternative to fossil fuels.



ÖkoGlobe Awards 2011

The ÖkoGlobes are the first awards for green innovations in the transport industry. VERBIO was accordingly delighted to receive first prize in the 'Innovative fuels and energy source' category. The award recognizes the future potential of our waste-based biofuel verbiogas in the transport sector.

Ökoglobe Winner


dena Germany Energy Agency Biogas Innovation Prize

An award for the bio-refinery's unique concept in which biomethane is recovered from agricultural waste. This technological quantum leap is accompanied by other equally important aspects: the efficiency of the refinery's entire raw materials cycle in terms of energy, costs and CO2 is globally unique.



Deloitte Axia-Award 2009 in the innovation management category

VERBIO received this award for developing new types of products for a highly regulated market and combining them with a pioneering production process. Special mention was made of the manufacturing process meeting high standards of sustainability as well as its optimum energy and CO2 efficiency.

Axia Award