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Britt Schlanke
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Our Values

Employee values at VERBIO

We are determined:

  • To nurture and develop our strong corporate culture;
  • To consolidate our healthy market position in order to remain a successful corporation that we enjoy working for.

VERBIO's employee values are a vital source of guidance.

VERBIO family


WE help each other and communicate with one another openly, respectfully and fairly. One of our strengths is the ability to efficiently leverage the qualities of our employees – for the benefit of each individual, all the VERBIO teams and the entire company.


WE all affect the success of our company and take responsibility for our actions and their results.


WE use the inventiveness of each and every employee to explore new, innovative approaches and to deliver unique services.


WE say yes to changes and regard them as a challenge! We deal with market opportunities and clients' expectations by thinking and moving with agility.


WE perform our duties with the utmost care and determination. Everyone contributes to the company's success by means of their foresighted, thorough and conscientious attitude to their work.


WE identify with our company. This is reflected in our daily work and the way in which we deal with our customers and business partners.


WE are an expert team. We use and constantly develop our know-how to ensure the best possible results of our work.