Investment Case


  • ... is the technology leader: Internally developed technologies and production systems, low energy consumption and the economical use of resources – as well as reduced emissions – significantly increase the profitability of VERBIO's production plants.
  • ... has extensive industry know-how: Our experienced and dedicated management and engineering team has years of experience in the biofuel industry and plant construction.
  • ... is integrated upstream: We have a very close relationship with our agricultural suppliers.
  • ... is the only producer and supplier of all the main biofuels on the market: We offer our customers a full range of products from biodiesel and bioethanol to biogas – including to enable fuel suppliers to meet their biofuel blending obligations.
  • ... currently operates the biggest biogas plants in Germany: Our biogas capacities total 60 MW
  • ... sets the standard in terms of CO2 efficiency: VERBIO biofuels slash CO2 by more than 90%.
  • ... has implemented the Biofuel Sustainability Directive: VERBIO has been certified throughout the value chain and fully complies with the German Biofuel Sustainability Directive.
  • ... is determined to consistently increase its profitability – particularly in the bioethanol segment by building two biogas plants and recycling distillery slop accruing during bioethanol production as a raw material.
  • ... is solidly financed.

VERBIO is thus well poised for future success in a challenging, rapidly expanding market.