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Press Releases

Successful launch of the VERBIO’s first straw biomethane plant in the USA. First biomethane generated from maize straw pumped into the gas network. Iowa Senator Grassley: “A significant investment in...

New episode of the #strohklug podcast with VERBIO founder and CEO Claus Sauter: looking back over 15 years on the stock exchange and outlook on new projects. Claus Sauter: “There have been highs and...

Claus Sauter, CEO: “For the first time, we have broken through the ‘sound barrier’ of one billion sales revenue annually”. Key financial figures and framework conditions in a positive trend. BioLNG:...

The MoU was signed on 30th July 2021 for setting up biofuels projects and compressed biogas plants (CBG/BioCNG). The MoU will explore the possibility of creating a Joint Venture Company for the...

The machines have only recently been on the market and are state-of-the-art in terms of technology and climate friendliness. VERBIO is one of the first users.

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