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Innovation power pays off: VERBIO admitted to the TecDAX with immediate effect

From March 21, 2022 the VERBIO share has been included in Germany’s index of the 30 most important technology companies in addition to being included in the SDAX.

Leipzig, March 24, 2022 – VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG admitted to the TecDAX. From March 21, 2022 the VERBIO preferred share has been included in Germany’s index of the 30 most important technology companies. The bioenergy manufacturer replaces the solar technology SMA Solar in addition to being included in the SDAX.

“All signs point towards growth.”

“VERBIO being admitted to the TecDAX is the next highlight in its stock market history. We are proud to be listed as one of Germany’s most important technology companies. For us, this is a confirmation of our strategy. Our expansion beyond the borders of Europe opens up new growth markets for us, with a massive biomass potential. Biofuels, bioenergy and renewable basic chemicals will be of increasing relevance in future – not least in the light of current world events. For us, all signs point towards growth,” said Claus Sauter, Chief Executive Officer.

VERBIO ends the financial year 2020/2021 with record results

VERBIO’s admission to the TecDAX is due to the excellent operating results as well as the positive development of its share price in recent months. The Company has been listed as a member of the SDAX since December 2020, and is one of Germany’s 200 largest companies. In the financial year 2020/2021 VERBIO broke through the billion euro sales revenue barrier for the first time. In doing so Group revenues were EUR 153.6 million higher than in the previous year. The Group’s earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) was EUR 166.3 million, an increase of EUR 44.2 million compared to the previous year. In September 2021 VERBIO announced a comprehensive EUR 300 million investment programme. This programme includes, among other things, expanding existing biofuel production capacity as well as the construction of a Bio-LNG liquefaction plant and a ethenolysis plant to manufacture chemical raw material products. In addition, VERBIO is building 20 filling stations for BioCNG and BioLNG throughout Germany in order to cover the entire value chain in the transport sector in the future.

TecDAX admission requirements

The TecDAX is an index of the 30 largest and most liquid technology company stocks listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. There are certain admission criteria that must be fulfilled. These include a minimum trading volume of one billion euros over the preceding 12 months or a turnover rate of 20 percent. In addition, at least 10 percent of the shares must be in free float. Only companies that have their headquarters in Germany are admitted. Companies that meet the admission criteria are listed in a ranking list that is updated monthly. The ranking list orders the individual companies based on the market capitalisation of their free float shares and stock market turnover.

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