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10.04.2019 | Press releases

OrangeGas gives the green light to 100 percent Bio-CNG from VERBIO and puts more environmentally friendly PS on the road

44 OrangeGas stations with 100 percent BioCNG from VERBIO

verbiogas is now available at 126 CNG filling stations in Germany

Competent partnership for transport companies

Hanover/Leipzig, April 10, 2019 – With immediate effect OrangeGas, a Netherlands filling station operator offering Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), will be distributing 100 percent Bio-CNG from VERBIO from its filling stations in Germany. Bio-CNG (also known as biomethane) is produced by VERBIO using only waste products from domestic agriculture and straw. The VERBIO technology was developed internally by VERBIO, and to date its use on this scale is unique. In Germany it is currently available at a total of 853 CNG filling stations. With the OrangeGas cooperation VERBIO now supplies 126 of these filling stations.

Long-term partnership for more “positive energy” in the fuel tank

OrangeGas operates more than 80 CNG filling stations in its domestic market in the Netherlands, and entered the German market in 2017. OrangeGas currently owns 44 CNG filling stations in Germany. “In the Netherlands we offer 100 percent ‘Groengas’ at all of our filling stations as part of our strategy. This was also our objective in Germany from the beginning. With VERBIO we are pleased that we have found a long-term and innovative partner for Bio-CNG from 100 percent waste materials and straw,” explained Wijtze Bakker, Director of OrangeGas Germany GmbH. The signs are pointing towards growth: OrangeGas is determined to expand its infrastructure in Germany and to triple the number of its filling stations to 150 CNG filling stations by 2022. Plenty of potential for #StrohImTank from VERBIO.

“A partner such as OrangeGas is a real blessing in these times when the hysterical attitude of German politics is creating uncertainty for operators of CNG filling stations, energy providers and municipalities. On entering the German market, this company from the Netherlands has rescued numerous CNG filling stations from closure, modernised the technology they use and ensured that they are once again reliable and profitable operations. That someone is investing in this area is an important signal for the expansion of CNG mobility,” said Claus Sauter, Chairman of the Management Board of VERBIO AG. “It is purely coincidence that our company’s colours match so well, but what connects us is the conviction that with biomethane we offer and promote the cleanest, most efficient and most economic fuel for the future for both passenger and heavy goods vehicles,” added Mr Sauter.

Freight transport in particular benefits from a well-developed CNG filling station network

Biomethane as a fuel is now attracting particular attention in the freight transport sector. From the beginning of 2019 legal rules provide for state support schemes and exemption from road tolls for CNG heavy goods vehicles. The threat of diesel vehicles being banned and the possibility of almost CO2 neutral freight transport makes CNG attractive for freight transport companies. “The electric car will find its applications, but for certain sectors, such as long-distance freight transport, the combustion engine remains the only sensible and affordable solution,” Claus Sauter emphasised.

“VERBIO and OrangeGas also offer reliable partnerships with freight transport companies and logistics providers. Together, we offer individual solutions for CNG filling stations and Bio-CNG supply concepts, either along regular transport routes or at a company’s premises,” explained Heinz-Peter Küppers, a VERBIO trade expert for biomethane.

Partnership established in the CNG-Club network

VERBIO and OrangeGas are partners and supporters of the CNG-Club e.V., which is a non-profit association engaging itself for all matters concerned with CNG mobility. “We need active partners in the marketplace to make sure that CNG also finally takes off in Germany. Not just discussions, considerations, waiting, complaining, hoping or resigning. Just get on with it! The partnership between OrangeGas and VERBIO brings together two very engaged actors who are prepared to give it some gas,” said a very pleased Birgit Maria Wöber, treasurer of the CNG-Club e.V. in conclusion.

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