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19.12.2012 | Press releases


Delivery contract signed for verbiogas biofuel


Wismar/Leipzig, 19 December 2012 - VERBIO has expanded its verbiogas distribution network yet again following the signing of a new contract with Stadtwerke Wismar. In fact the natural gas filling stations in Wismar have been supplied with 100pc verbiogas since 1 November. Wismar, the second biggest port in the region of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in north-east Germany, has hence clearly come out in favour of this sustainable biofuel, which is made exclusively from agricultural residue such as straw.

By using methane to power public buses, the district of North-West Mecklenburg is now playing a pioneering role in the region. The eight natural gas buses operated by Busbetriebe Wismar GmbH have been running on verbiogas since November and are hence making an important contribution to greener public transport in the city and the surrounding rural area – for verbiogas cuts  CO2emissions by up to 90pc.

Said Claus Sauter, CEO of VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG: “By switching the natural gas sold at filling stations to pure verbiogas, municipal utility Stadtwerke Wismar is demonstrating just how seriously it takes its commitment to sustainable climate change mitigation.”

“Mobility is an indispensable elixir in our modern society. The volume of traffic on our roads is expected to increase further. By 2015, German roads will be carrying about two thirds more goods traffic and about a fifth more passenger transport,” stressed Andreas Grzesko, CEO of Stadtwerke Wismar. “Accordingly, the growing flow of traffic is one of the main environmental problems. This challenge can only be mastered if innovative ideas and concepts such as the use of natural gas as fuel are implemented as quickly as possible. Interestingly, one of the most modern alternative concepts is also one of the oldest – for back in 1872 the very first gasoline engine ran on methane, the main component of natural gas.”

Being green and economical, filling up with natural gas is a smart decision. And that’s why Stadtwerke Wismar has relaunched its incentive programme for new natural gas vehicles. If you buy a new natural gas car and have it registered for the first time – or even convert your existing car from petrol to natural gas – you’re entitled to €300 in cash from the NGV Initiative in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. What’s more, Stadtwerke Wismar will give you an additional €200 per vehicle, making a possible total of €500.

Drivers of natural gas vehicles can hence refuel their vehicles with 100pc verbiogas at 105 filling stations throughout Germany. Moreover, because verbiogas has the same chemical structure and quality as fossil natural gas, it can be blended with it in any ratio. And it also has the highest energy content of any fuel available today. Yet this greener biofuel doesn’t cost a penny more than natural gas at filling stations.

The following natural gas filling stations in Wismar are now selling 100pc verbiogas:  

Schweriner Straße 31, 23970 Wismar

Werfstraße 1, 23966 Wismar

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