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About Biomethane

Biomethane is a renewable energy source which can be used in a number of different ways, including to generate power and heat as well as for transport fuel. verbiogas can be obtained from various agricultural raw materials and residues. As a fuel of the second generation, verbiogas is a renewable energy source that does not compete with food. In particular, since it can be made from materials which would otherwise largely go to waste such as manure, slurry, organic waste and straw. Digested residue conduces as a fertilizer and the side products, such as rapeseed meal or distillery slop, are used for animal feed.

Biomethane technology can be purified to the quality of natural gas and fed into the existing European gas grid. In fact biomethane has the same chemical composition as natural gas.

Biomethane is the most efficient biofuel there is. It has a much higher energy density than biodiesel or bioethanol and is suitable for all vehicles running on natural gas. Compared to gasoline biomethane reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% and fuel costs by ca. 50%.