Biomethane from straw

EU funded project „DE BIOh Verbiostraw“ Production of biomethane from 100% straw

About the project

Within the framework of the EU funding programme NER300 the European Union supports the further development of VERBIO’s innovative technology to produce biomethane from 100% straw at it’s production site in Schwedt/Oder with up to EUR 22.3 million during 2014 – 2019. The funding amount is based on a fixed rate for biomethane fed into the gas grid.

VERBIO-demonstration facility Schwedt/Oder

  • Technology: mono fermentation of straw (biomethane equal to natural gas made of 100% straw)
  • Plant capacity (final stage 2019): 16.5 MW (136 GWh/a)
  • Feedstock (final stage 2019): 40,000 tons of straw p.a.
  • 1st feed into the gas grid: 4th quarter 2014
  • Sustainability:

    • no foodstuffs used as feedstock
    • fermentation residue marketed as a high-quality fertilizer to restore humus balance

Natural resources

  • straw processing to biomethane of such dimensions is unique throughout the world
  • feedstock gained from agricultural residues only, being available in large quantities:

    • 8 – 13 million tons p.a. unused straw potentially available in Germany
    • 13 million tons of straw = 25 TWh/year
      corresponding to the fuel consumption of 4 to 5 million cars/year

Marketing and sale

  • marketing under the brand verbiogas
  • as a biofuel for natural gas vehicles in public and private transportation via the existing natural gas filling stations of public utilities and energy providers
  • as innovative alternative fuel for trucks in dual-fuel mode (biomethane-diesel-mixture used to run diesel engines)
  • VERBIO itself currently operates the biggest test fleet of dual-fuel vehicles throughout Germany consisting of 12 trucks
employee on a straw-processing plant