Raw Materials

No food raw materials

verbioethanol is produced primarily from rye which is not suitable for human or animal consumption. We obtain more than 95% of the raw materials used to manufacture bioethanol from the region around the ethanol plant in eastern Germany and western Poland. We work closely with agricultural associations and offer farmers fixed purchase agreements.

Agricultural waste

verbiogas is manufactured in the bio-refinery exclusively from agricultural residues such as distillery slop and straw – without using any foodstuffs. In future, more use will be made of agricultural waste such as manure and slurry for biomethane production. Methane emissions from these materials, which are 23 times more harmful for the climate than CO2 and currently now escape freely into the atmosphere, are converted by VERBIO into renewable energy. This solves a waste disposal problem in farming and also reduces the burden on the atmosphere, helping to protect the climate.

VERBIO is one of the few manufacturers worldwide to produce a 2nd-generation biofuel - named verbiogas - on an industrial scale.

Raw materials