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Road traffic accounts for about a quarter of the world's carbon dioxide emissions – a share which is set to increase as the years go by. Efficient alternatives to fossil fuels are being sought in order to substantially decrease both greenhouse gas emissions and oil consumption – and sustainably produced biofuels are now already available.

VERBIO spotted the enormous potential of biofuels early on – and has driven pioneering innovations and consistently translated them into new processes and technologies right from the word go. The main objective is to reduce as much as possible the quantities of CO2 emitted throughout the biofuel production chain. It's an aim which has already been achieved thanks to ultra-efficient bio-refineries, the regional procurement of raw materials, and a powerful R&D team.

Research & Development

A powerful team with a clear aim: to be pioneers in sustainable mobility.


Plant Engineering

Expertise, know-how and always at the cutting edge of development: planning and building production plants and investment projects.


Regional partnership on equal terms and strategies for sustainable feedstock production.