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By producing sustainable biofuels, we make an active contribution to protecting the environment and the climate. Our business model provides for a sustainable value chain – from farmers and agricultural wholesalers to commercial production facilities. Substances which cannot be turned into biofuel are returned to farmers for use as fertilizer and animal feed, creating a closed material cycle.

Back in May 2008, more than a year before the Biofuel Sustainability Directive (BioKraft-NachV) and the Biomass Electricity Sustainability Directive (BioSt-NachV) came into force, VERBIO successfully carried out a study which demonstrated the potential for meeting demands to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

Since August 2010, all our production sites have been certified as complying with both these directives. We are committed to the sustainable production of biofuels. This obligation includes every step from the cultivation of biomass, transport, and the treatment of liquid and gaseous biomass to reach a level of quality allowing use as fuel.

Compliance with the legal requirements is reviewed annually by an independent certification body.


A biomethane, bioethanol and organic fertilizer plant maximizing energy efficiency & CO2 reduction while minimizing the consumption of resources.


Sustainable Biofuels

CO2-efficient innovative technologies and closed-loops to optimize biofuel's production



Certified quality for customers, employees, the environment and product improvement.