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We deliver sustainability

ESG Summary 2022/2023

ESG Circulation

Simply clever! Our business model is pure sustainability

At VERBIO we are pioneering a sustainable path in business; our company embodies the term ecological sustainability. We process renewable raw materials into green molecules for industrial use.

Our method: technology and innovation! With our biorefineries, we have created a unique system of closed sustainable material cycles. We are the only company of this type operating successfully worldwide.

Global sustainable growth

Verbio Performance from Jan 1st, 2020 till Sept 15th, 2022
240.3 MEBITDA in EUR
928,122 tonsof produced biofuels

Figures relate to fiscal year 2022/23

Our process for a greener future

ESG Kreislauftechnologysustainabilityinnovation

Sustainability through circular economy

In our biorefineries, we process raw and waste materials from regional agriculture to produce climate-friendly fuels. We also produce high-quality organic components for the animal feed, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our concept is based on innovative technologies which we engineered in-house. VERBIO is the technology leader in the European biofuels market; and we continue to grow in Asia and North America. In doing this, we combine economic success with corporate responsibility and climate protection, and guarantee the security of energy supply. Our more than 1,000 employees drive climate protection worldwide.

Our ambitious goal: By 2035 we intend to be carbon neutral.

Icon Innovation

Leading through innovation

VERBIO is the technology leader! Our biorefinery is based on patented technologies developed in-house. A R&D team of approximately 50 specialists, including process engineers, chemists, biotechnologists, and others, are devoted to continuously improve our technologies and commercial-scale processes. In doing so, we increase our competitiveness and combine economic success with corporate responsibility and environmental protection. In recent years, we have intensified our innovation efforts.


  • Biofuels
  • Bioproducts for
  • Organic components for
    the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and
    food industries
  • Organic components for
    the chemical industry (2024)

Innovations for green molecules

Today we not only produce first- and second-generation biofuels, but also organic fertilizers and animal feed. Moreover, we supply sterols and glycerine as renewable raw materials for the health care, cosmetic and food industries. In the future, high-quality proteins will extend this portfolio. Considering the potential of biomethane as a fuel source, we are expanding our capacities worldwide. But we are also investigating production opportunities for green hydrogen, synthetic fuels, and the use of carbon dioxide from our plants. The production of organic components for the chemical industry is planned for 2024.


Icon Technology

Zero waste technology

Our biorefinery approach is a closed loop concept that uses the whole plant for the production of biofuels. We refine more than 99 % of accumulated waste products in additional steps into premium-value by-products. In this way we make an important contribution to strengthening and decarbonizing regional agriculture, as well as providing the industry with green molecules.


1 MWh
10 MWh

Figures relate to fiscal year 2022/23

Resource-saving technology

We continuously optimize the use of resources in our biorefineries. This enables us to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The raw materials we use are almost completely recycled in several process stages. This increases the efficiency of our production processes and steadily reduces our carbon footprint. We generate a full 10 MWh of biofuel from 1 MWh of production energy.


Icon sustainability

We drive sustainability

With our technology, we complete ecological cycles. There is virtually no waste. But this is only one aspect of our sustainability approach. Making use of so far unused waste materials, such as straw, opens up additional potential for raw materials to produce sustainable renewable products. Fertilizers and animal feed produced in our plants as by-products are returned to the farmers and recycled. This is smart sustainability.



We deliver sustainability

Our products replace fossil fuels. This drives decarbonization in industry and mobility. With products we supplied, our customers achieved a carbon handprint goal of saving 3.4 million tons of CO2-equivalent in the fiscal year 2022/23.

By 2026, VERBIO intends to increase the reduction of CO2 to 8 million tons by using more and more advanced biofuels, such as waste-based biomethane and biodiesel. A future equally significant potential lies in providing organic components for the chemical industry, which we will offer beginning in 2024.


Green and profitable: our sustainable business

Thanks to our sustainable business model, we are both profitable and growing. We achieved the second-best result (EBITDA) in VERBIO's history in the FY 2022/23. We increased group sales compared to the previous year and almost reached the 2 billion euro mark. Our share is listed in the TecDAX. We employ almost 1,200 people worldwide. Our employees are the ones who create our success. We expect a considerably expanding market for raw materials and products with low CO2 emissions by 2030. VERBIO will meet the needs of this growing market by expanding its production capacities internationally.

sustainable business

Figures relate to fiscal year 2022/23

Protecting, motivating, committing: our social responsibility

At VERBIO, all employees are equal, regardless of their ethnic origin, age, sex, sexual identity, religion, political views, national or social origin or other factors. VERBIO’s human resources management places emphasis on promoting diversity and offering equal opportunities to all of its employees.


We also promote our employees’ health and work-life balance. We create jobs and contribute to the prosperity of the regions in which we are located. Fundraising and sponsorships are the cornerstones of our corporate commitment.


Integrity and compliance: our good governance

VERBIO ensures its integrity, values and corporate culture, and we protect our employees with our compliance structures. We adhere to our Corporate Commitment Policy. It consists of human rights, environmental sustainability and the Code of Conduct for Employees, which defines values and principles that govern corporate actions. VERBIO’s compliance and governance standards comply with the German Corporate Governance Code.


Awarded: EcoVadis Gold Status

With a remarkable increase of 9 points, Verbio has achieved the Gold Status from EcoVadis for the first time for its sustainability efforts. EcoVadis' Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) analysis system evaluates a total of 21 criteria in the areas of Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. Verbio achieved the greatest growth in the areas of Sustainable Procurement and Ethics. This year's rating places Verbio among the top 5 percent of other chemical manufacturing companies rated by EcoVadis.


Committed and certified


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