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Code of Conduct

Verbio SE and its subsidiaries consider it their duty to act in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. The VERBIO companies therefore strive to conduct their business competently and ethically and in all markets in which they operate.

The employees of VERBIO act in accordance with our VERBIO Corporate Commitment Policies consisting of the sub-areas on human rights, environmental sustainability and the Code of Conduct for Employees, which define values and principles that govern corporate actions.

One of the Management's goals meet ethical standards and create a working environment that promotes integrity, respect and fair conduct. Strict business policies that comply with laws and principles serve the long-term interests of the company.

VERBIO does not only commit itself to fullfill these minimum requirements, but also defines them for all business partners in the Code of Conduct. This way, acting with integrity is to be guaranteed at all times along the supply chain.

Whistleblower System

Violations of rules and regulations can not only result in financial losses, but can also endanger the reputation of VERBIO in public and vis-à-vis government agencies. With your report, you help us to uncover and remedy violations and abuse.

External third parties as well as employees can report suspected violations to us with a notification. You are free to choose whether you want to provide your details with your name or completely anonymously. In any case, your report will be carefully considered. Tracing back to you is then not possible unless you provide any data that would allow conclusions to be drawn about your person. The following registration form guides you through the information.

After your initial report, a secure mailbox will be set up for you and your concerns, through which we will remain in dialogue with you anonymously. You will help us a lot if you activate this mailbox. Please have the access data you have been given ready for further correspondence and keep your access secret from third parties. Thank you very much for your support!

Please note: This system must not be misused to deliberately give false or defamatory information.


Misconduct of VERBIO employees
The intention of the report system is to avert further damage to VERBIO. Misconduct and other rule breaking hurt the company. Such behaviour of individual employees affects the entire staff. Integrity and law-abiding behaviour (Compliance) make the foundation of VERBIO´s good Reputation as well as the trust of our business partners. In addition, compliant conduct is substantial for the staff´s well-being and the sustainable economic development of the company. In order to recognize, eradicate and, if necessary, sanction such law and rule breaking VERBIO largely depends on the cooperation of each and everyone. We rely on your willingness to report any irregularities and misconduct in case of specific suspicion.

Misconduct of business partners
We have the same high expectations regarding our business partners. For VERBIO sustainability means equally reaching for economic, social and ecological goals. We strive to live up to this self-imposed responsibility when it comes to our business relations. To ensure the compliance with our sustainability goals we take several measures with our suppliers. If violations still occur, we depend on them being reported to us.

Misconduct of VERBIO employees
You can report any violations of law, internal regulations and policies that may have been committed by VERBIO staff.

Misconduct of business partners
You can report any violation of our Suppliers Code of Conduct which amongst other include environmental issues, human rights, labour rights, transparent business relations, fair market conduct and due diligence obligations for a responsible supply chain.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 7 (seven) days. The Compliance team will investigate the reported violation and will inquire more information if necessary for the full disclosure of the violation. If needed the Compliance team may take other investigative measures such as an Internal Investigations, involving outside legal counsel or the prosecution authorities.

Upon termination of the investigation procedure, but no later than 3 (three) months, you will be informed on the measures and steps taken.

The confidentiality of identity of the reporter and reportee is protected in so far as you can choose to report openly or anonymously.