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Whether biofuels contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and hence climate protection partly depends on how sustainable their production is.

VERBIO has always been committed to sustainable manufacturing for its products every step of the way – from the cultivation of raw materials to delivery to petrol stations.

What's more, verbiogas is a 2nd-generation biofuel – meaning that unlike conventional biofuels, it is produced solely from farming residue not intended for food production. As well as being particularly sustainable, this technology makes verbiogas the most energy-efficient biofuel there is with CO2 reduction of up to 90% compared to petrol and diesel.


The sustainable alternative to fossil diesel made from locally grown rapeseed reducing CO2 by 70%



Made from local raw materials such as triticale, rye, corn.



The new advance biofuel made from residues cutting CO2 by 90%


Pharma glycerine – a very high-quality by-product of biodiesel production.


Phytosterol is a high-quality raw material für foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries.