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The strategy behind VERBIO’s bio-refinery is to maximize sustainability and CO2 efficiency in biofuel production. It’s based on the closed loop system and the use of the whole crop to produce biofuels. VERBIO’s bio-refinery is the world’s first industrial-scale example of a combined biomethane, bioethanol and organic fertilizer plant.

Owing to the dual exploitation of raw materials, we achieve a particularly efficient, low-CO2 process. Of the raw materials used, over 90% are converted into energy in the form of bioethanol and biomethane (verbiogas). The remaining inorganic components are returned to the cycle as organic fertilizer, hence enabling a high degree of sustainable agriculture.

This integrated plant means that the yield from one hectare of land is more than twice that when using current biofuel production methods.

The process was developed by VERBIO’s research department. The benefits are a 40% higher energy yield from the raw materials used compared to conventional bioethanol plants, energy consumption down by about 40%, and CO2 reductions of up to 90% compared to petrol when considering the entire value chain of the biofuels produced.