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Quality policy is an important part of VERBIO's corporate policy. Only by providing consistently high-quality products which have been produced in an environmentally sound, sustainable manner can we fully comply with the demands of our customers and the market.

To produce CO2-efficient biofuels, VERBIO's employees adopt a quality and safety conscious approach to their work throughout the value chain.

Under our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, all quality-related processes which are relevant to meeting our customers' requirements, staff safety, the environment, and the continuous improvement of product quality are documented. It goes without saying that legal regulations and relevant standards and guidelines are always observed.

VERBIO's individual sites have been ISO 9001:2015 certified for years. In August 2011, individual certification was replaced by multi-site certification comprising the following companies:

  • VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG
  • VERBIO Bitterfeld GmbH
  • VERBIO Schwedt GmbH
  • VERBIO Zörbig GmbH

VERBIO AG is responsible for central functions such as the purchase of raw materials and product sales, R&D, plant construction, financial controlling and accounting. Bioethanol, biomethane, fertilizer, biodiesel and pharma glycerine are made at our production sites in Bitterfeld, Schwedt and Zörbig.


ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate

VERBIO produces the following quality products


During the production of verbiodiesel, continuous quality monitoring is ensured at all stages of the process. Our production plants have been members of the AGQM Biodiesel Quality Management Association for many years. The minimum requirements for biodiesel are defined by EN 14214. verbiodiesel fully meets the requirements of EN 14214 as well as the even stricter criteria of the AGQM quality assurance programme.

Pharma glycerine

The crude glycerine arising as a by-product of biodiesel is refined in our biodiesel production plants into high-quality pharma glycerine for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.


Continuous quality monitoring systems are integrated throughout the production of verbioethanol – from the arrival of the raw materials and production to its delivery.
Bioethanol can be blended with petrol in various ratios. The minimum requirements are laid down in the EN 228 standard for E5, 51626-1 for E10, and EN 51625 for E85. In addition, we meet our customers' individual requirements for even higher quality.


Distillery slop is a byproduct of verbioethanol production. This slop is used as a raw material in our biomethane plants. Furhtermore, we run another biomethane production technology using 100% straw as raw material. Continuous quality control is ensured throughout all stages of the process thanks to the use of modern process instrumentation and control. Our verbiogas is refined to the quality of natural gas on the basis of guidelines published by the German Gas and Water Industry Association and fed into existing natural gas grid. Continuous quality control is carried out by both VERBIO and the gas network operators.

Organic fertilizer

We produce high-quality liquid and humus fertilizers as byproducts of our biomethane production. Our organic fertilizers are returned to the agricultural cycle in line with VERBIO's sustainability strategy.


We installed a plant for phytosterol production from rapeseed oil at our premises in Bitterfeld. Since 2019 we have been amongst the biggest sterol manufactures woldwide. Sterols are used by foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries to produce supplements decreasing blood cholesterol as well as for manufacturing hormon pills.verbiosterol is 100% non GMO.