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VERBIO Pinnow GmbH

The VERBIO biorefinery in Pinnow (near Schwedt/Oder) has been producing fertilizer and biomethane from 100 % straw since 2019.
The conditioned biomethane is of the same quality as fossile natural gas. It is fed into the gas grid and marketed as a biofuel to owners of CNG stations throughout Germany.

The unique technology for producing biomethane from 100 % straw has been invented by VERBIO.

It is possible to convert 5 tons of straw per hour into high-quality biomethane. This is enough to fill-up two mid-sized cars driving around 11,500 km each for a whole year. Biomethane made from agricultural residues and straw cuts CO2 emissions at least by 90 % and reduces NOx and particles at the same time.

#StrawinTank is our solution for furture green mobility.