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The future of mobility is green.

VERBIO is convinced that biofuels make an important contribution to climate protection. In our view, there can be no doubt that they will help us permanently reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and substantially cut CO2 emissions in the transport sector.

Based in the town of Zörbig in the German region of Saxony-Anhalt, VERBIO is a leading independent manufacturer and supplier of biofuels to Germany and Europe. It has about 500 employees producing biodiesel, bioethanol and biomethane on an industrial scale at three sites, making us a one-stop shop for all the biofuels in current use.


Technology 'made by VERBIO'

Our biofuels are produced highly efficiently. For example, our biodiesel plants and bio-refineries for the production of bioethanol and biomethane are state-of-the-art in terms of technology as well as energy and CO2 efficiency. As a result, VERBIO biofuels reduce CO2 by up to 90% compared to regular petrol and diesel. Thanks to our internally developed energy-saving production processes and ground-breaking technologies, we significantly exceed the statutory demand to cut CO2 emissions by at least 35% compared to fossil fuels. And VERBIO's patent-pending bio-refinery has raised the bar all over the world.

Every year, VERBIO's plants produce around 470,000 tonnes of biodiesel, 260,000 tonnes of bioethanol, and 600 gigawatt-hours of biomethane. We deliver our products directly to European oil corporations, oil traders, independent filling stations, haulage companies, public utilities and vehicle fleets.

Operational business is conducted by VERBIO AG's subsidiaries:
VERBIO Diesel Bitterfeld
VERBIO Diesel Schwedt
VERBIO Ethanol Zörbig
VERBIO Ethanol Schwedt
VERBIO Logistik GmbH
VERBIO Polska Sp. z o.o.

We produce sustainably

Under the German Biofuel Sustainability Directive in force since the end of 2010, biofuels must be produced sustainably.

VERBIO has long been a pioneer in the sustainable production of biofuels. For us, food production always takes priority. Therefore, we rely on raw materials which aren't used for food production, while in the future we plan to make greater use of agricultural waste such as straw.

We attach high importance to creating closed cycles starting and finishing with agriculture in order to maximize sustainability. Direct contact with suppliers of raw materials provides an additional opportunity to improve the overall balance of our biofuels by means of the low-CO2 cultivation of raw materials.

Facts and figures

  • Company name: VERBIO Vereinigte Bioenergie AG
  • Registered office: Zörbig, Germany
  • Administrative headquarters: Leipzig, Germany
  • Production sites: Zörbig, Bitterfeld, Schwedt
  • Year of foundation: 2006
  • Founder: Claus Sauter, Dr. Georg Pollert
  • IPO: 2006


Results in €m 2017/18 2016/17 2015/16
Turnover 686 726 654
EBITDA 44.8 92.4 73.1
EBIT 22.2 70.7 52.0
Production (tonnes) 722,511 722,137 688,362
Production (MWh) 608,312 559,000 520,959
Capacity Biodiesel/ Bioethanol (%) 99.0 98.9 97.0
Capacity Biomethane (%) 101.4 93.2 108.5
Investment 26.6 18.8 12.8
Employees 563 527 488