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Plant Engineering

The Plant Engineering Division executes Verbio SE's investment projects in Germany and abroad. Its specialists have the technical expertise necessary to plan and erect our plants.

The division receives initial planning documents from the production facilities and the R&D departments and uses them as the basis for the detailed planning of plant equipment, construction, installation and start-up projects.

The close networking between R&D, production and plant engineering is invaluable. Flexible internal collaboration driving innovation is pursued by an experienced team of technicians and engineers specializing in chemical, thermal and mechanical process engineering as well as civil engineering, pipeline construction, CAD, and electrical, control and automation technology.

VERBIO's efficient plant engineering enables us to quickly carry out investment projects flexibly and cost-effectively.

The rapid expansion of our production capacity, the constant improvement and optimization of manufacturing processes, and the resulting high manufacturing efficiency of our production plants all have a positive impact on the company's development.