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Press Releases

Innovation, a forward-looking corporate culture and strategy together with excellent key financial numbers led VERBIOO to be judged the winner of the Axia Best Managed Companies Award 2021.

CEO Claus Sauter commenting on key figures of financial year 2019/2020 and on future business goals and growth perspectives of the company. AGM was broadcasted as a livestream.

Green vehicle fleet expanded to include 18 CNG and 4 biodiesel HGVs. Conversion of the entire vehicle fleet to CNG/LNG trucks running on biomethane by the end of 2021.

VERBIO North America Corp (VNA) announced the formation of VERBIO Farm Services LLC (VFS). A critical next step in securing feedstock for its Nevada RNG plant.

Continued growth: Group sales rise to EUR 872.4 million. EBITDA reaches a new record of EUR 122.1 million. New investments planned. Production of BioLNG becomes a focus project. Proposed dividend of...

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