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Press Releases

Unique processing engineering: implementing Nobel prize-winning technology | Investment volume in the range of EUR 80 million to EUR 100 million


FY 2022/2023 in review: Revenue almost EUR 2 billion and new production records. Four-point plan for growth and economic stability. Return to fair market conditions in the biodiesel market in sight....

New production records and sales revenues almost EUR 2 billion. EBITDA of EUR 240.3 million in the expected range. Proposed dividend of EUR 0.20 per qualifying share.

Dr Levente Ondi, Director of XiMo Hungary Kft., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VERBIO AG, has recently been selected as one of four science and industry personalities to receive the prestigious...

VERBIO will start producing bioethanol and biomethane in Indiana (USA).

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Head of Global Marketing & Communications

Verbio SE
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External PR Consultants
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