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Vision & Mission

Our vision: VERBIO to be the alternative energy supplier of the 21st century

Energy production from renewable resources is a key component of the future energy mix. Renewable raw materials have the potential to permanently replace fossil fuels and simultaneously solve the problem of surplus agricultural production in Europe. We aim to consolidate and expand our position as one of Europe's leading producers of biofuels.

VERBIO's mission: always a step ahead

With the production of our biofuels 'made in Germany', we are always one generation ahead. We are committed to the principle of sustainability and treat natural resources carefully and responsibly. Using the latest technologies, we contribute to safeguarding the energy supply. And with our fuels cutting CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to fossil fuels, we are showing the way forward in climate protection.

VERBIO stands for:

  • Production of advanced sustainable high-quality biofuels
  • Maximum CO2 reduction
  • Ecologically and economically efficient mobility with active climate protection
  • Partnership with regional farmers
  • Innovative biofuel technologies
  • Solid growth and responsible relationship with our employees, customers, shareholders, government, researchers, interest groups and partners