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VERBIO Schwedt GmbH

VERBIO's second bioethanol plant was opened in August 2005 on the site of the PCK refinery in Schwedt (Brandenburg). It has two production lines and so twice the capacity of VERBIO's ethanol production in Zörbig. VERBIO Ethanol Schwedt is the first bioethanol plant anywhere in Europe to be located directly on the site of an oil refinery. This has the advantages of quick delivery and integration into the refinery's energy system. In 2010, the bioethanol plant was expanded into a bio-refinery including a biomethane production. By-products feed and bio-fertilizers are recycled to agriculture.

In 2014, another biomethane production facility based on 100% straw as a feedstock was put into operation. This plant is going to be extended under the NER300 EU programme to a capacity of 16.5 MW.


  • bioethanol
  • biomethane
  • organic fertilizers
  • feed

The VERBIO biodiesel plant in Schwedt went into operation in November 2005 and is directly adjacent to Ethanol plant delivered by pipeline directly to the blending station at the oil refinery. Raw vegetable oil – chiefly locally produced rapeseed oil – is used in the plant. The plant's environmental impact is minimized by an optimized production process with internal circulation and complex heat recovery. By-product pharmaglycerin is marketed to the pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry.


  • biodiesel
  • pharma glycerine