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Press Releases

Dr Levente Ondi, Director of XiMo Hungary Kft., a wholly-owned subsidiary of VERBIO AG, has recently been selected as one of four science and industry personalities to receive the prestigious...

VERBIO will start producing bioethanol and biomethane in Indiana (USA).

VERBIO CEO Claus Sauter sees a turning point in energy and raw material supplies

Since commencing RNG production operations in December 2021, Verbio has successfully marked one full year of injecting quality natural gas into its partner Alliant Energy’s gas distribution system.

Biorefinery is based on rice straw as raw material that would otherwise be burned. VERBIO concept strengthens security of energy supply and prosperity in rural areas. Internationalization is ongoing.

Ulrike Kurze
Head of Global Marketing & Communications

Verbio SE
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External PR Consultants
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