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VERBIO Capital Markets Day 2023: Global growth and value added continue

Leipzig, September 28, 2023 – Today, VERBIO is hosting a Capital Markets Day at its production location in Schwedt. The focus of the day is on visiting the biorefinery, as well as presentations on our corporate strategy and the competitiveness of our business model.

VERBIO provides details of its medium-term strategy
VERBIO is following ambitious plans to promote the use of biomass in various industries. In doing so VERBIO makes use of any available forms of biomass, using innovative processes to transform it into sustainable fuels, products for the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries, and renewable speciality chemicals. These innovative approaches make an active contribution to ongoing reductions in our society’s dependence on fossil-based raw materials. Current global energy consumption is 170 PWh, with more than 80 percent of this energy derived from fossil fuels. Biomass-based products are created from plants and agricultural waste, which have absorbed CO2 from the atmosphere during their growth phase and therefore do not contribute to polluting the atmosphere.

Key elements in the VERBIO’s strategy are:

  1. Global capacity expansion: we are investing globally in scaling up our established leading technologies, and thereby expanding our cash-generating units further. We are implementing efficiency improvements on an ongoing basis.
  2. Expanding our asset-light activities: with the expansion of our trading business we are leveraging our global presence, the diversity of our markets, our expertise in the raw materials used and our ever-expanding customer base to realise maximum value from our renewable molecules. In doing so we are also increasing our flexibility, enabling us to react even more quickly to future market demands.
  3. New technology launches: we are preparing to launch a unique technology for the production of speciality chemicals from vegetable oil. This will put our production on an even broader footing, as well as promoting sustainability in the chemical industry. We are already working with well-known partners in this area.
  4. New technology developments: VERBIO is working on the development of technologies to manufacture basic and speciality chemicals from starch and sugar. This will open up new opportunities for sustainable products and reduce dependence on fossil raw materials.

In implementing the Company’s strategy, VERBIO pays attention to capital discipline.

Presentation material
The presentation material for the Capital Markets Day will be available at www.verbio.de in the afternoon on September 28, 2023.


Important notice
This publication contains forward-looking statements that are based on assumptions and estimates made by the management of VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG. Although the Company’s management is of the opinion that these assumptions and estimations are realistic, actual future developments and actual future results may differ significantly from these assumptions and estimates due to a variety of factors. For example, these factors can include changes to the overall economic climate, changes to the legal and regulatory framework in Germany and the EU, and changes in the industry. VERBIO can give no guarantees and accepts no liability as to whether future developments and the results actually achieved in future will match the assumptions and estimates made in this publication.

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